Total pool care service

Having a pool is a great asset to your family and home but unfortunately it requires a bit of attention to keep it clean and fresh so it's ready to use all year round.

Pool cleaning

Nobody likes keeping their pool clean but it's important not only for looks but for functionality and keeping your levels under control. Some pools have self-cleaning systems that keep the work to a minimum but still require a bit of manual labour other need it all done the old fashioned way, and at Hollitt Property Services we are happy to do the extra work required to keep your pool looking great. We can clean out all debris and material from your pool and filters and get your pool sparkling.

Water condition monitoring

All pool owners are aware that checking your water condition is extremely  important and that it should be done on a regular basis to ensure safe water quality. Hollitt Property Services are able to check your water quality and either use your chemicals to correct the levels or we can supply them for you.


You can ask us to come and check your water condition if you do not wish to utilise our other services or Hollitt Property Services will check your water quality free of charge when we clean your pool and can advise you on the best course of action to correct any levels if you don’t wish us to do it for you.

Pool fence inspections

Not only is it law but having a pool fence in safe working order is good sense. Hollitt Property Services will inspect your pool fence free of charge when you use our cleaning service and we can advise you of any issues with your fence or gate and point you in the right direction to get it fixed or you can even ask us to solve the problem and fix it for you.