Lawn Care

There is more to Lawn Care than just mowing, at Hollitt Property Services we offer a range of extras to make sure your lawn is healthy and looking great.

Lawn Mowing

We offer lawn mowing, trimming, edging and clean up as our standard service when you choose Hollitt Property Services. We can book you in for a regular time at your convienence or a once off service when you dont have the time, either way let Hollitt Property Services take care of your Lawn for you.


With a range of mowers we can slash down your overgrown lawn or finely trim your bowling green style lawn from large open grassed areas to smaller cottage style lawns we cater to all types and no matter how big or small we can service them all.

Fertilising your lawn

 To keep your lawn healthy and looking great a good slow relase fertilser is an essensial part of your lawn care process. A good quality fertiliser will deliver the essinal nutrients needed to feed your lawn and have it looking great.


Why not add our fertilising service to your next cut to give your lawn the much needed food it needs to look great.

Soil Conditioner

The quality of your soil is the most important part your lawn and applying a quality soil conditioniong product is essensil for keeping your lawn healthy. Soil wetting agents help your soil absorb the water applied instead of the water pooling or running off not only wasting water but starving your lawn of much needed water.


Why not add our soil conditioning service to your next cut and combine it with our fertilsing package for the complete lawn care service.